Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home-Delivered Veggies

One of the things I’m making a conscious effort to do better at is eating more vegetables. I was one of those kids who was a mother’s nightmare of a picky eater. Most of those picky-eater kids grow out of that and do much better at diversifying their diets as adults. I can truthfully say I’m not nearly as picky of an eater – I love LOTS of kinds of food – but one thing I never grew to enjoy is vegetables. I don’t like the flavor and texture of most vegetables. I very much wish it weren’t so. I would have a much easier time of reaching my health goals if I ate more veggies.

I found this awesome service through a website and wanted to share it with you. The idea is genius, in my opinion! It’s called Door to Door Organics. They deliver fresh veggies and fruit right to your door!!! You can sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries, and you can add extra groceries to your order if you want to. You receive an email before the order is shipped so you can see what's coming and change or delete the order if you wish. The cost is very reasonable, especially given the fact that it’s delivered. You can choose from four different size boxes. They do their own deliveries; it’s not UPS, FedEx, etc… They also pick up the packaging from the previous delivery to recycle! The website includes recipes, meal planners, a helpful blog, and other fun stuff.

I received my first box a couple of days ago. Here is a list of what it included:
 ... and some recipes I've made with it:

Fruit/green smoothie
Smoothie: cantaloupe, blueberries, banana, kale, yogurt, ice

Kale, tomatoes, yellow squash, green pepper, onion

Blueberry Banana Pancakes

This week's box includes: 

I'm not sure about where the service is available. The site I'm directing you to here is for Michigan, and they deliver in my area. You'll be able to find out if they deliver to you through a search on their site.

I'd love to hear from you if you check it out for yourself.

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