Saturday, August 3, 2013

4 Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training is one of my favorite kinds of workouts. You can create your own circuit routine, where you just combine a bunch of exercises, do one after the other to create a circuit and repeat the circuit a few times. Or feel free to use the four below. I found three of these on other blogs, and I'll give credit to them. I love reading other people's stories, and here are a few I follow: Peanut Butter Fingers; Sweet Tooth Sweet Life; Carrots 'N Cake

This type of workout keeps your mind busy because you're moving quickly from one exercise to the next, and before you know it, you've completed a 30, 40 or 60 minute workout. You can do most of these with no equipment - just pop in your favorite tunes and get in the zone.

from Peanut Butter Fingers' blog
from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life's blog
my track workout
from FitSugar

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