Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our New Rooms!

Scott and I got our exercise today doing things that reminded me of something Cross Fit would be great preparation for. Cross Fit classes work your body using functional exercises – exercises that are closer to the way we use our bodies in everyday physical activities.  

Today we decided to rearrange two rooms in our house. We have two living rooms – one we use as a family room with our TV in it, and the other is full of books and comfy seating to lounge and read. The family room was the lower level living room on the back of the house that walks out into a screened-in porch. The upper level living room is on the front of the house and has big windows across two walls, and we used that as the reading room.

Because the family room has the TV, we spend more time in it. We decided it was time to reverse the rooms so that we’re spending more time in the one with more natural lighting from the front of the house.  

We started by me taking all of the books off the bookshelves while Scott re-wired the rooms for the cable/internet/phones. 


Then we started moving the heavy stuff. I'm very thankful my hubby is a big guy. He handles the furniture like it's nothing more than moving around some pieces in a game (ok, maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but sheesh!). 

We finally got the rooms put back together, and then I did the fun part of placing our books, pictures and other stuff around to make the rooms feel warm and cozy.  

Here are some pictures of the final project.
New family room
New reading room

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