Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early Birthday Present: Jawbone UP24

I got a Jawbone UP24 today as an early birthday present from my wonderful, sexy, awesome hubby! Yay! I've downloaded the app, paired it to the device and personalized it. One of the first features I'll be using is the alarm. It will vibrate to wake me during the best sleep cycle within 10 minutes of the set time. Can't wait to experience that in the morning and start logging my activity and nutrition!

Day 16 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox

I noticed this morning after my workout, before breakfast, that I was feeling hungry. It felt good. It was a primal kind of hunger - my belly growling, telling me I need fuel - not that light-headed, blood sugar dip I've felt before that makes me feel shaky. I made bacon and an egg for breakfast again this morning with my coffee.

At around 10:30 I ate full-fat, regular yogurt with a cut-up banana. I'm really loving this snack. No need for all those sugary flavored "perfume" yogurts, as my step dad would call them.

For lunch I ate leftover mustard glazed chicken thighs and a red skin potato with butter and salt.

I found a recipe on the Paleo Diet Lifestyle website: Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaves. It sounded delicious and fit the 21DSD plan, so I made it tonight. It was awesome. Definitely a keeper.
I ate this plus some raw carrots and cauliflower for dinner. Yum! My son just ate one and said, "It's like heaven in my mouth." Ha!

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