Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Do You Exercise?

Being my first post here about fitness, I’m going to offer random thoughts on the subject. Some people are cardio addicts, some are extreme weight lifters who cringe at the thought of using a treadmill, and others are able to find a good balance of the two.

I will admit to being the “cardio queen” in my young adult years. I had friends who tried to talk me into lifting weights, but I was intimidated by the weight room. I could do one cardio class after another, however, and craved the high they gave me.  I was young, full of energy, and loved choreographed movement to fast-beat music.

Several years ago I discovered the feeling of power and control that comes from lifting weights. I LOVE the sculpted, toned look you can only get from adding weight lifting into your regular exercise routine.

People have different reasons for exercising. Do you exercise because you know it’s good for you and
you want to stay in shape? Are you exercising to lose weight? Do you work out because you love food and figure if you exercise you can eat more of it? Or are you someone who has found out about the addictive qualities of being in the gym or pounding the pavement and can’t live without it?

I would love to hear your whys for exercising. Feel free to comment and share.

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