Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Workout Week: Sept. 22 - Sept. 28, 2013

I skipped two days of my planned routine for this week. On Thursday I felt run-down and ill, and I'm convinced it was caused by my diet on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those days were big days at work and for a couple of events in the evenings, and I ate horribly. By Thursday, it was all I could do to get myself out of bed on time and go through my work day. By evening, however, I was feeling much better because I took care to eat limited carbs and sugar all day and limited my calories. Friday morning, I was back at the gym and feeling great.

I skipped my Saturday workout because of my diet as well. Ugh!!! We had breakfast at Bob Evans with family, and I took full advantage of the occasion to scarf down two of their scrumptious biscuits along with eggs, potatoes, gravy and sausage. The rest of the day was full of family in from out of town and lots of mindless munching.

The way my body performs and how it treats me depends so much on what food I put in my mouth. I know that fact going into a bad eating day, and it never fails to prove true. I'm going to pledge not to have any of those days this upcoming week.

Sunday: Back, biceps
Monday: Cardio (circuit training)
Tuesday: Chest, triceps, shoulders
Wednesday: Legs, abs
Thursday: off
Friday: Back, biceps and cardio
Saturday: off

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