Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Workout Week: Sept. 8 - Sept. 14, 2013

This week I started a plan that's structured around a program I found on Lee Labrada's 12-week Lean Body Program is a plan that makes sense and covers all the bases: weight training, cardio and nutrition. It starts out with basic moves and tons of information, and moves into more advanced workouts as the weeks progress.

The outline is to do weight training two days on, one day off repeatedly. Muscle groups are split in a three day cycle. I plan to follow the weight training schedule pretty closely and do my own cardio two to four days a week. This week I only got cardio in on two days. I intended to do cross training today, but my body was really needing a rest, so I took it. I may end up doing 30 minutes of yoga later this evening.

Sunday: Rest

Saturday: Rest day and 60 minute massage.

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