Sunday, September 15, 2013

Words... I love them!

Words are extremely powerful. Thousands of years of history are recorded with words. We share knowledge and ideas with words: written, spoken and sung. 

I mentioned in my September is Self-Improvement Month article that I like to listen to podcasts and read books and magazines to learn about new people and ideas in the subjects I'm interested in. A wealth of great material is available via any type of media we wish to consume it with.

When I'm at the gym, I usually listen to podcasts on Stitcher on my phone. (Yes, I'm a nerd that way - most people listen to music when they work out.) If you haven't found Stitcher yet, you should definitely check it out. You can find podcasts on just about any topic you can dream up - and they're free! I've found some really awesome quality talks given by people who are experts in their fields. Of course, there is also amazing material in the form of books, magazines, blogs, news articles and videos everywhere we turn.

Sometimes you can find great content right around the corner, in places you least expect it. I feel blessed beyond what I know how to express to have some of the most amazing content right in my home town at Westwinds, my church. Westwinds is a non-denominational contemporary church. It takes the entire talented staff to produce the uplifting, positive experience on Sunday mornings, led by pastors David McDonald and John Voelz

One of my long-term goals is to read and understand the Bible. David's sermons revolve around teaching us the way the Bible says we should live, delivered in series that last various amounts of weeks. Right now he is teaching us about the book of Mark. He and the staff have provided us with all sorts of material to help us take notes and follow along. David is an extremely skilled speaker, and he's passionate about teaching. During this series about the book of Mark, I look forward to learning what is written about: 
  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why did He come?
  3. Why do we need Him?
  4. What do we need to know (that He taught)?
  5. What are we supposed to do?
  6. What are the risks we take in following Jesus?
If you're interested in checking out some of David's sermons yourself, you can find them here: The book of Mark series started on 9/8/13, in case you want to follow along. If you do, please feel free to let David, John and the staff know you're there and engage in the conversation.  

Words... I love them. I get to fill up on Sunday mornings listening to them being spoken and sung, and reading them from the greatest book of all: the Bible. 

I am so thankful for the enormous resources we have right here in my church. I spend a lot of time consuming knowledge from people all over the world. The fact that I have the same or better quality available through people I know and see throughout my week here in my community blows my mind. I just had to share this with you today. I hope you check out some of the links in this article and enjoy.

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