Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good Friends, Books and Wine

Today I was able to stay in Jackson for work, so since I didn't have that longer commute, I slept in until 6 am. I ate a granola bar before heading to the gym with my amino energy drink for weight training.

The granola bar wasn't the best choice since three of the first four ingredients are bad for the body (sugar, canola oil and brown sugar oil). I don't know if I can directly blame my sluggish performance on that, but it's a likely culprit. I planned on doing 20 minutes of cardio after weight training, but I didn't have it in me. I stepped on the treadmill and felt foggy, like my limbs were too heavy. So I skipped it.

Amino Energy
If you're curious about the amino energy drink I talk about often, this is what it is:
I get it at GNC. I like it because it has caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients, and branch chain amino acids. And it tastes great.

After the gym I made scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and cheese for breakfast. And of course I had my coffee with honey, almond milk and cinnamon.

For lunch I had the last of my turkey rice veggie stuff from the weekend, and followed it up with a chocolate cupcake that a co-worker made. I also had a cup of hot green tea with my lunch today. I haven't had tea in a while. It was perfect for today.

Mid afternoon I had an iced latte and an apple. After work I hurried home and ate some left over hamburger helper (made with turkey) that the kids had for dinner a couple of nights ago. Again, not the best choice, but it was quick and easy before heading back out the door to book group.

Our book group meets once a month. Tonight we met at the home of one of our ladies, and I enjoyed a glass of red wine and some cashews. I love my friends in this group.

The idea of this blog is to talk about all things healthy, which includes taking care of our emotional and spiritual health. Getting together with a group of good friends talking about a common love of books and catching up on each others' lives is very good for helping me step outside of my hectic life for a little bit.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

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