Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 10: Travel Day. So Far So Good.

Day 10 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

Today was a work/travel day. We're spending the holiday weekend at my folks' home and Christmas tree farm in Tennessee.

Before we hit the road I packed an insulated bag with some safe snacks. I counted on being able to find a meal on the menu of most any restaurant we stopped at for lunch that fits.

This morning I got up early and went to the gym to get my workout in. When I got home I had leftover pumpkin pancakes with almond butter and coffee with half & half for breakfast. Mid-morning I had a handful of almonds.

We were on the road by lunchtime and stopped at a Wendy's to eat. I ordered an apple pecan chicken salad and ate all of the chicken, the salad greens and apple pieces. I skipped the pecans and dressing. So far so good...

Mid-afternoon I had a half banana with almond butter, and a couple hours later a handful of pumpkin seeds.

When we arrived at my mom's, she had dinner ready for us, which was country fried steak, veggies covered in cheese and garlic biscuits. I was very tempted to have one of the biscuits - they're usually one of my favorite parts of a meal. But I stayed the course. I ate a piece of the steak and a few veggies. I was a little apprehensive about the veggies because I think they came from a bag in the freezer section of the grocery store, and I wasn't able to read the ingredient list of the cheese sauce.

All in all it was a successful day. I'm going to a have to stay out of the kitchen tomorrow as much as possible. There are already three different pies on the counter, one of them being my all time favorite chocolate!

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