Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fresh Resolve for Clean Eating

Day 9 of 21 Day Sugar Detox

This morning during my workout, I found a new, strong resolve for this diet. I'm not sure what it was - could have been the great mood I was in or the extra energy I felt... or the fact that I've dropped five pounds in the last eight days!

I made the pumpkin pancakes from the book this morning for breakfast. Yum!!!
I ate them with almond butter. This is one of those recipes that's a keeper. I usually don't like things made with pumpkin, so this again makes me think my palette is changing and my body is craving new things. I love that.

For lunch I had a red potato, baked (microwaved) with butter and salt, and full-fat yogurt with a cut-up banana. That meal was probably too carb-y, but since I didn't have leftovers from last night, this was easy and on-hand. It kept me on the "yes" food list.

I kept the earlier carb load in mind when I had dinner. I made salmon with salt, pepper and fresh lemon, and I had that with a salad.

Another thing I'm finding with this eating plan that I love, is that I eat as much as I want. I eat when I get hungry, and eat until I can't eat anymore. This morning, I started with three pancakes and couldn't finish it all. I also didn't finish the salmon I put on my plate tonight. I was just full. And.... it's a little after 8 pm right now, and I'm not craving munchies!

I'm a little bit anxious for the upcoming Thanksgiving trip we're taking to my parents' home in Tennessee. Usually when I go down there I eat and eat and eat. There's always so much good food, and my mom's chocolate pie is THE BEST chocolate pie you'll ever taste. And she makes a chocolate sauce to pour over biscuits for breakfast.... Oh my gosh, I need to stop. We'll be there by late tomorrow night. Wish me luck.

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