Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 3 on the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Day 3 on the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Today was a little tougher than the past two. I had pretty strong cravings for chocolate and lattes. I was also irritable. Those things could be attributed to the type of day I was having, or they could have been because of the diet.

My morning was busy with appointments, but the afternoon was spent sitting in the office making phone calls and doing tasks on the computer. It was during those afternoon hours that the cravings were most challenging.

As for my mood, I was having one of those days: argument with my daughter, flat tire on the way to a client appointment, and one work-related thing I'll spare you here. Those things would have made me irritable anyway, but today, by the time I got home I felt like I was wound so tight I could burst. I was a pretty intense grumpy butt. (I just had a glass of wine, and now I just feel like going to bed and calling today a wash.)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've started clean eating plans before and dropped off after a couple of days because of lack of planning. This is about the time I usually drop off... about 3 days into it. I start craving the sweets and give in to it, somehow justifying it. This time, however, I plowed through the day and was successful with sticking to it. Now I'm proud of myself. :)

For breakfast I had those sausage patties I made last night, a carrot and some almonds, plus my morning coffee with coconut milk.
Lunch was left over salmon from last night and broccoli. I snacked on a couple of boiled eggs around 3:00, and I had iced herbal green tea throughout the day.
Dinner was the mustard glazed chicken thighs in the book and a salad.
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed all the meals today. The chicken tonight was awesome! So far, that's my favorite recipe. That's definitely one I'll be repeating.

Ok, off to bed. I need this day to be over. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Great job today! I am also on day 3 and although I'm also tired and irritable, I don't have cravings but I think I'm eating more than you!